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Evaluating business processes and introducing administration changes that enhance workflow and reduce "touch points."


Provide insight into industry trends, vendors and emerging players.


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HR-STAR was established in 2005 to bend emerging and established technology solutions with best practices to solve HR and Benefits challenges.

With 30 years of real-world experience solving problems in compressed timeframes with limited budgets and resources, HR-STAR delivers unbiased advice with measurable Return on Investment.

John G. Kelly, CEBS
Managing Partner

John G Kelly


An “Agile” approach is not just appropriate for software development. It can be applied to most projects.

Any project with a timeframe greater that 9 months is generally doomed to failure.

  • Priorities Change
  • Budgets become exhausted
  • Team members leave
  • Scope grows dramatically

By focusing on the CRITICAL priorities (no more than 3) and keeping project deliverable focused on days (not months) rapid change can be achieved.

Adjustments (and there will be adjustments) can be made without impacting the entire project scope.

To often projects are driven by technology and process rather than the end goal.

The first question should always be what is the “desired outcome.” as defined by all key stakeholders. Too often HR and Finance have different definitions of “success.” 

What are the Critical Success Factors (CSFs)?

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease cost
  • Speed of delivery
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce risks

All outcomes should be focused on the broader business goals.

I want to implement a new HRMS is NOT a strong outcome focused goal.

We believe in creating totally satisfied customers. So we make this simple promise, if you don’t find value in our service, you don’t pay. It is that simple promise. We are proud to also say that we have never had to fulfill this promise as we have had 100% client satisfaction.

Vendor evaluations
quick and effective

Focus on vendors that can accommodate your current needs and will grow with your future needs.

  • Focus on the outcome rather than how you are currently doing something. Be prepared to fit into the vendor’s approach. 
  • Share your critical goals with vendors rather than the functionality required.
  • Where are the vendors going?
  • How do they differentiate themselves from your other options (other vendors or manual approaches)?

Avoid a messy
"Vendor Divorce"

Unfortunately, challenges occur in many relationships. Problems can emerge with new and long-term vendors. Separating from an existing vendor can be painful (disruptive and costly).


  • Having a good “pre-nuptial” in place is better than a messy divorce.
  • Counseling is often a better option (at least short-term).
  • Often there are two sides to any problem. Clients should accept their potential shortcomings, and vendors must adhere to their commitments.
  • Using an independent mediator can bring solutions to problems.

More than 30 Years
of Experience

In the Human Resources, Benefits, Insurance, BenTech, and InsurTech areas.

Servicing large and small employers, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), Associations, Insurance Carriers, Brokers, and Vendors (Benefits Administration, HRMS, Voluntary Benefits, and HR Services Vendors).


Successful Projects

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We are working on several whitepapers on Selecting a PEO. Please Email us is you wish to get a copy.



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